Good Event Analytics, PouchNation

pouchnationSales analytics is a process that used to identify, understand and also predict trend sales. Then for sales results can help understand the analysis to find improvement. The data that have been obtained either through the survey or also in other ways will be analyze and will be the result will be used as references for the success of one sale.

Trend sales analytics is also used by PouchNation for the sale of tickets issued by us can be known whether the sale will be profitable or not. Maybe some of you still do not know what PouchNation is. Well, PouchNation is sophisticated system used to host event organizers in managing an event in order to run smoothly and also successfully. We uses a different ticketing system by using social media engagement for many people to know and buy event tickets held by us.

One of the examples of sales analytics is in selling tickets. Tickets sold by us are different tickets than tickets in general, tickets usually are made from paper, but PouchNation uses tickets from bracelet. This bracelet ticket called NFC wristband. This bracelet ticket will be filled with a code that can facilitate when selecting the spectators who enter the event. Only by using a smartphone, then the code can be scanner. Before the event starts, the audience will receive this NFC bracelet.

There are several advantages of using the bracelet used by PouchNation namely:

  • The audience does not to need to queue at the gate of the event.
  • The audience does not need to pay with cash because this bracelet ticket can be used as a means of payment without cash.

So PouchNation as the organizer must provide NFC phone with Pouch application installed in the mobile phone to able to give or receive payment to the participants. Choose the easy way for your audience, don’t make it hard for them and make sure you have a good event analytics to check your event success or not.

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